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Re: [DISCUSSION] Possible inclusion of org-capture.el into Emacs core (w

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [DISCUSSION] Possible inclusion of org-capture.el into Emacs core (was: [ELPA] New package: jami-bot and org-jami-bot)
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2023 22:59:45 -0500

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NOTE: Is it absolute;y necessary to cross post to emacs-devel and

  > Similar to jami-bot providing a dbus interface for Jami to interact with
  > Emacs, Org mode has org-protocol.el providing command line and URL
  > handler interface that is nearly independent of Org mode itself in its
  > core function:

Could you please explain in a few lines what sort of jobs org-protocol.el does?
The doc you sent

;;   1.) Add this to your init file (.emacs probably):
;;       (require 'org-protocol)
;;   3.) Ensure emacs-server is up and running.

describes in a low-level way _how_ to use it, but in order to think
about that, the first thing I need to know is _what jobs it can do_.

  > With org-protocol, one can also make Emacs receive data from browser and
  > perform any action defined by custom handler function - all fully
  > configurable and not necessarily related to Org mode.

Could you state a few examples?

Also, how is this related to Org mode?  Why call it "org-protocol" rather
tham some other name?

      > 17.16.3 The open-source protocol
      > ... The open-source handler is designed to help with editing local
      > sources when reading a document..

What document does that come from?

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