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EmacsConf 2023 update 2023-11-06: so far, so good

From: Sacha Chua
Subject: EmacsConf 2023 update 2023-11-06: so far, so good
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2023 19:37:43 -0500

Hi everyone!

Here's a quick update on how we're doing so far. =) Web version with SVG
of schedule by status (same as media.emacsconf.org/2023/backstage; let
me know if you want the credentials):


Waiting for 26 talks (~550 minutes) out of 42 total. Talks received so far:

- TO_ASSIGN (waiting for captioning volunteers) - 8 talk(s), 150 minutes: 
adventure (05:58), matplotllm (09:34), teaching (19:27), nabokov (09:51), 
collab (19:16), doc (42:45), scheme (21:01), emacsen (18:28)
- TO_CAPTION - 2 talk(s), 21 minutes: eval (09:35), mentor (10:44)
- TO_STREAM - 6 talk(s), 124 minutes: llm (20:26), writing (08:53), ref 
(15:04), emacsconf (15:05), world (22:20), emms (38:38)

Speakers have been really nice about keeping in touch, so I'm not too
stressed about gaps in the schedule. Captioning volunteers have been
chugging through the talks and OpenAI Whisper's gotten a bit better at
spelling things, so that's terrific too. It's so exciting!

zaeph and bandali will probably host the general track and the
development track respectively. They've done it for a number of years
now, so it'll probably be fine even if we don't have a dry run all
together since they've got limited availability. (And we can take on new
volunteers if people want to help read questions!)

My stress level is pretty manageable at this point. I can even spend
evenings playing video games with the kiddo and weekends going on little
bike adventures, so that's awesome. I'm still a little worried about
tech hiccups, but we'll probably be able to figure things out.

Next steps are:

- keep processing videos and captions
- make the intro videos available so that speakers can correct my pronunciation 
of their names
- smoothen out and document the process for last-minute submissions
- test everything again

It's happening!


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