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Re: [Emacsweblogs] Maintaining the same blog on two servers

From: Ted Smith
Subject: Re: [Emacsweblogs] Maintaining the same blog on two servers
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 01:15:58 -0500

On Tue, 2010-03-02 at 16:33 -0500, Mark A. Hershberger wrote:
> Ted Smith <address@hidden> writes:
> > I've never really hacked emacs lisp seriously, nor do I have much
> > expertise in other lisps, so I doubt I'd be able to do it. If you think
> > it would be simple for a beginner and were willing to hold my hand a
> > bit, I could give it a shot, though...
> Sure.  So, you can see the basic structure of a defun from looking
> around, but if you need a more information on that, see the intro to
> emacs lisp.
> http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/emacs-lisp-intro/html_node/defun.html
> For simplicity, we'll assume that all the weblogs we're publishing to
> are WordPress.  There are some differences between how weblogger.el
> interacts with different weblog engines, but we won't let that bother us
> for the moment...
> ...I've tested the above functions and they work.
Wow, thanks. I've done some functional programming (OCaml) and was able
to understand that fine. Thank you much for this; I can't tell you
enough how awesome this has been. I fully expected to get a response
like "You're the first to bring it up; patches are welcome" at best, but
I've been totally blown away.

> Oh, if you look over this, you'll notice that I don't store my passwords
> in weblogger-config-alist.  If you (or anyone else) is interested, I'll
> show you how you can store them in a separate file that is optionally
> GPG-encrypted.
I'd definitely be interested. 

> > Thanks again! If all free software communities/developers were as
> > inviting as you, we'd be a lot farther along the World Domination
> > Roadmap :-)
> Aw, geeā€¦  Well, don't get too used to it.  I had a lot of
> procrastinating to do today. ;)

I'll try not to :-). Thanks again!

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