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[Emacsweblogs] Weblogger bugs (WordPress, Emacs 22, Linux)

From: Michael Stutz
Subject: [Emacsweblogs] Weblogger bugs (WordPress, Emacs 22, Linux)
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 16:01:49 -0400

I'm enjoying weblogger.el, which I'm using with WordPress, and would be
happy to volunteer with testing---I think a few tweaks could be easily
made (like supporting tags and categories) that would make it much more
practical to use.

I've also found a few bugs in the latest available files (weblogger.el
version 1.4.5 timestampped <2010-03-11 01:49:36 mah> and xml-rpc.el
version 1.6.9a). I sent a bug report about a week ago but also want to
send a mail here and describe what's going on:

First, I'm still encountering the time error that has been reported
before (bug #29277): the time shows correctly in Emacs, but when posted
to WordPress it appears as four hours earlier.

The other bug is that the body text is sent to Wordpress with soft
linefeeds. This doesn't work. What happens is that if you have Emacs set
up with a normal fill column (like 70), and auto-fill-mode as I imagine
most people do, your post buffer will look nice in Emacs, but when it
appears on WordPress the end of lines for each line will have been
treated like a hard carriage return, so the wordwrap will be off and
you'll have to go in (with the WordPress editor) and manually take out
every newline. The post text needs to be sent without any word wrap or
fill at all.

I saw this problem mentioned on
but I tried applying his hooks and they didn't work. (What he does is
turn on longlines-mode before editing an entry, and then turns it off
before publishing it.)

How would you remove all soft newlines from the text of a buffer
before publishing it? That's the way to do it. I tried setting the fill
column to a value like 0, 99999, -1, but these did not work.

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