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[epsilon-devel] News about epsilon development

From: Luca Saiu
Subject: [epsilon-devel] News about epsilon development
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 20:56:05 +0100
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Hi Matteo, how are you? Err... happy new year? Some time has passed since we met the last time. Sorry for not having written you before now, but I had (and am still having) some problems at home, unrelated to epsilon and even to me. Now I'm studying Numerical Calculus, and lately have had little spare time for epsilon. However two weeks ago (last week I have been so busy in the day and so tired in the evening that I wasn't even able to *touch* epsilon) I completely rewrote epsilonyacc from scratch. Now it's *so* beautiful... :-) The new epsilonyacc supports canonical LR(1) grammars, so in this respect is even more powerful than Bison, but still lacks a frontend. This is a funny problem: both epsilonlex and epsilonyacc are compilers, so each of them needs a scanner and a parser; how to generate the two scanners and the two parsers which we need? Of course, with epsilonlex and epsilonyacc! Both epsilonlex and epsilonyacc essentially work and generate nice epsilon code, but to give them input I've got to modify their sources, by now. So the first versions of the scanners and the parsers for the scanner-generator and the parser-generator will be generated modifying the sources of the scanner-generator and the parser-generator themselves. I think it will take me two or three (full-time) days to bootstrap epsilonlex and epsilonyacc using themselves; then we'll be able to start the meta-interpreter, at last.

  Here's my priority list:

1. make epsilonlex and epsilonyacc bootstrap
2. document exceptions and I/O actions, as you asked me last time
3. finish documenting C libraries, as I promised

I would be happy if you write some of the graphic primitives we talked about, of course if you have some spare time.

  Best regards,

Luca Saiu, maintainer of GNU epsilon

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