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[Equinox-general] Re: Important

From: Bonita Dickey
Subject: [Equinox-general] Re: Important
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 11:09:45 +0300

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"Annie? I just cannot be-leeve the guts of this Sheldon kid! He would never be able to maneuver this balky, oversized thing back to the bedroom in time. Always granting the eye of childhood, which tends to see anyone over the age of twenty-five as elderly, he thought Shinny must be a11 of seventy-five now. He listened to the monotonous snarl of the riding lawnmower, saw her shadow, and, as so often happened when he thought of how weird Annie was getting, his mind recalled the image of the axe rising, then falling; the image of her horrid impassive deadly face splattered with his blood. At five o'clock she would serve him a light supper, and at seven she would roll in the black-and-white television and they would watch M*A*S*H* and WKRP in Cincinnati. Annie stuffed the cuffs absently into her skirt pocket, as if police restraints were found in most decent houses, like Kleenex or coathangers.""You're just making up a big cockadoodie excuse. "Just means you can't sell it. Had he thought he had gained the upper hand? "Yes, you bet. well.

"Well, I generally don't show my work until it's all done,»he said, and then smiled at her. "That night, around eight o'clock, he hoisted himself carefully into the wheelchair. Paul had known writers who found it impossible to write after so much as a minor marital spat, and he himself usually found it impossible to write when upset. Paul added four of the mini-snacks to the growing stash in his lap, plus single-serving boxes of Corn Flakes and Wheaties. His night vision was coming on strong now, he could see better, and that was a help. I had to, because your car being gone meant that you could really stay, you could really finish my book. Giving the stairs only a brief glance (there were drips of ice-cream on some of the carpeted stair levels and glazey smears of it on the banister), Paul rolled down to the door. Then, just before the car got to the edge, the door banged open and out he flew onto the road! The limited vista now opening before him wag extremely unpleasant: six weeks of life which he would spend suffering with his broken bones and renewing his acquaintance with Misery Chastain, n?e Carmichael, followed by a hasty interment in the back yard. "Well, I'll have to chance that,»he said, "because I'm just like that mother — I'm not saying no to be mean, or to spite you — I'm saying no because I really want you to like the story. "She was sitting on the edge of his bed — Paul was sitting across the room in the wheelchair. Impossible to tell what they were, of course, but in his imagination (your MIND your CREATIVITY that is all I meant) he could see her pushing bales of hay out of the loft with the heel of her boot, could see them tumbling to the barn floor. Annie Wilkes was the perfect audience, a woman who loved stories without having the slightest interest in the mechanics of making them. She unscrewed the hose, opened the bulkhead, and dropped the green plastic snake inside. He tried to draw them up, make them less vulnerable less of a target, and his knee screamed. Paul sat quietly, a steno pad of his own on his lap (he had finished the last legal pad the previous evening), and listened to Annie's voice as she made a statement which consisted of all the things she had told David and Goliath four days ago. Her complexion had been a deep purple from which her blood-rimmed eyes stared in a bulging _expression_ of terminal horror. There were all those drugs in the downstairs bathroom — surely there was some way he could use them to put her out of the way, wasn't there? But if you turned the thing over to take a look at the works, you saw a blood-slimed killing machine with a very sharp blade. No need for it to go all the way, good God, no — no need to overturn the rocking chair, to use Tom Twyford's metaphor. "That was the question I had to ask myself, and as much as I may have wanted to pull the wool over my eyes, I knew the answer to that — I knew even before I saw the marks on the door over there. She pulled a chair over beside him and sat down, watching him as he began to eat.

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