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[Erptravel-announce] text that

From: Sally Cotton
Subject: [Erptravel-announce] text that
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 20:06:30 +0100
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Officials at all levels are at it there; if they fall out of favour for some reason it's an easy charge to prove. I suspect that he would rather Renault takes its time to get it right, but the timetable outlined by Mr Ghosn certainly adds another pressure. I therefore needed to get home toute suite, but then, as the train was about to depart, we were all ordered off because the security people were looking for illegal immigrants. Can't really say the same for the likes of Kalina.
Everyone was agreed that Renault and Nissan, especially, was going to be a major short-term gainer if GM joined up. I'm sitll tyring to figure out what my reaction to hearing it live would have been.
Automakers with big investments in China will no doubt be keeping a close eye on things - the investment community has already caught a chill. But Paris was certainly useful and I have a piece to work on. The train was therefore delayed. " by Sophie Kinsella. Anyway, Eurostar train to Paris beckons and then I will be dropping in to the Crain roundtable event, hopefully in time to catch keynote speaker Carlos Ghosn. No, said Carlos - less well.
That whole project must have been valuable to Renault on many different levels, but especially product engineering and challenging existing approaches.
The noises in Paris last week suggested that the three-way talks had hit snags.
If everything else is apparently in the pot as a possibility why not this one?
Should be a few people there I know to have a drink with.
If everything else is apparently in the pot as a possibility why not this one? Maybe a crouton or so would go well too. But liberal democracy it ain't.
In that context the Renault line-up for Paris this year looks a little disappointing.
Trip over a paving stone? Another talking point will be the question of adding another member to the Renault-Nissan club - GM.
Still feeling a bit numbed by the below news. Don't believe the official guff about 'corruption'. Only thing is, these two American corporations are so head-to-head there would have to be massive rationalisation.
The original "Star Wars" films finally out on DVD!
Here's how you do it.
Here's how you do it. cc Video Game Show podcast is now available.

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