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[Erptravel-announce] impractical

From: Edwin Christian
Subject: [Erptravel-announce] impractical
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 17:02:54 +0300
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It involved a sturdy rappelling rope, a good harness, and a few carabiners.
And if I fell, I'd go straight through a skylight below, then three stories down into a room full of rusty machinery.
I was determined to keep exploring the rest of the day anyway, but I really just wanted to go back to our room and lie down. The water, however, looked about five or six feet deep, so there was no point in breaking out the waders we'd brought with us. I found the door Hiccup and Chris were standing outside and yelled to tell them what I was doing.
Personally, the idea of sitting up there for hours waiting on a helicopter was almost as sickening as the idea of climbing down.
I wasn't ableto reproduce it since, but I'm sure if anyone encounters it they'll at leastget a nice error dialog. We're only taking up a quarter of the space right now.
In the end, though, I just went back to the basement and crawled back out of the air vent.
I slipped down inside and found myself in an old steam tunnel. We passed by a square were they were settingup huge cranes for some construction work, and I noticed a van with a cabletied to a traffic light, with the traffic light being bent. There just wasn't any easy way to get down there and check it out. We went out skatingwith a smaller group today and it was incredibly nice. Theora is very closeto what we need at this point; as soon as the bitstream specification isfixed, all videos created with that version of Theora will be playable byfuture versions of the library. It claimedthe place had three evenings with orchestra.
However, the smokestack came out of the roof of a pretty wide industrial building. It looked to be some kind of old industrial building from the inside, and someone seemed to be renovating it.
Ididn't like what I saw from the code though. She said that even though we loved her painting, most people weren't into it. This alsoallowed me to try and put in a patch I had received for the thumbnailer butfor which I didn't have time or inclination to push it in before going onholidays. Nice to see your software coming together. After some fiddling and reading, I learnt that this specificdriver has a hack which enables streaming mode by exposing two buffers,with both buffers being the same physical ones in the driver. I had to shimmy down a large pipe so that I could drop down into the tunnel.

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