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[Erptravel-announce] forgive lit

From: Liz Davis
Subject: [Erptravel-announce] forgive lit
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 16:10:51 -0400
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It has a strong family resemblance to YouTube, including the emphasis on ease of linking from and embedding in blogs and other sites.
It describes an international range of projects and intiatives. It will be based on a database of people and organisations with records contributed from a variety of sources including the Australian Name Authority File. The work that Dave Pattern has done with the University of Huddersfield catalogue is an example here. During his talk he used a key term of blogging art: flow. O'Neill, and Chandra Prabha.
You can configure it with the selection of book sites, library sites, and your zip code. But turn off the snapshots: not only were they excruciatingly slow, they ended up as empty PDFs. This is a very helpful piece of work which reviews a variety of approaches. The importance of national, publicly funded bodies in developing services and policy is much greater in a UK, and broader European, setting than it is in the more decentralized US. These are of course major issues for research libraries everywhere. In the former case a machine interface is made available which can be consumed by other applications. Given this distinction they argue that it is unlikely that the type of software they discuss - complex administrative systems - will be addressed by the community model.
One can state one of the major challenges facing libraries in these terms. And once one moves in this direction, the question of scoping the collective resource in different ways emerges: moving from local to some larger grouping or back.
The model we propose here could be adopted and deployed at other institutions capable of implementing a similar lightweight web services interface to their library catalog. I also wondered about the costs of open source development and support. In the former case a machine interface is made available which can be consumed by other applications.
It is also interesting to see the focus on national collaboration, and working with national organizations to create shared approaches.
It is anticipated that, in future, the scope of ACAP will be extended to other business relationships and other media types.

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