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Re: [Erw-devel] Usage of ertool --forms

From: erw-devel
Subject: Re: [Erw-devel] Usage of ertool --forms
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 16:41:37 +1000

On Thursday 26 June 2003 04:23, you wrote:
> ertool --forms book.erf <../library.xml
> It does not finish because it expects the ERL file coming from stdin.
> The StringOutOfBoundsException is due to the fact that it is expecting
> something ending in .something. I fixed that so that you can also use
> just "book" and get book.php anyway.
> Ciao,
>                               seba

Thanks, "ertool --forms book.erf <../library.xml" creates book.php

As an example I have now got a few erf form customisations working as 
<erf ref="book">
         <fieldset><legend>Book Identification</legend>
        <input ref="title" size="100"/>
        <p><input ref="author" size="40"/></p>
        <input ref="publisher"/>
        <p><input ref="isbn"/>
        <input ref="year" size="4"/>
        <input ref="description"/>
        <list ref="loan_person"/>

I also tried re-ordering by moving loan_person above description and that 
worked too. Rearranging the attributes and relationships on a form like this 
is something i've desired for a while. This form customisation is a very 
useful step forward.


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