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[Erw-devel] New form elements

From: erw-devel
Subject: [Erw-devel] New form elements
Date: 31 Jul 2003 13:59:11 +0900

After looking at form customisation a bit, I believe there are two more
things that should be added:
a) a "script" entity, that would allow some JavaScript to be loaded;
b) a "button" entity, that would allow a button to be placed on the
form, which in turn could call that JavaScript that was added (or some
standard ERW function).

The rationale:
One common item of data entry is a person's address.  In the US and in
Japan, there exist databases that have address lookup capability based
on postal code (or ZIP code).  If we have such tables in our database,
it would be good to provide a button which auto-inserts an address once
we enter the postal code.  Thus, the need for a "button", which fires a
"script", which would query the database, find an appropriate address,
and then insert that into our form.

Please note: this isn't a request for immediate implementation, but to
get the idea "out there".  I don't think I could immediately benefit
from it -- too many other tasks to perform. =)


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