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[Erw-devel] 1.0 beta

From: erw-devel
Subject: [Erw-devel] 1.0 beta
Date: 03 Oct 2003 00:56:09 +0200

OK, it is now high time...

1.0 beta is out. There were many bug fixes, a lot of code
reorganisation, a lot more documentation, etc. (see CHANGES).
I hope not to have introduced more bugs, but you know how it
works. The reorganisation was fundamental in getting more
manageable (and thus safer) code.

IMPORTANT: A couple of names have changed in incompatible ways.
I felt this was the last time I could take such a decision. So
the main authorisation table is now "type", not "tbl", and main
lists are characterised by the keyword "main", not "list". Sorry 8^).
Everything is listed in the changes.

You can find the beta at

There is now some sort of "standard install directories".

This is the last semi-public beta. After 1.0b1, all betas will be
public and posted to freshmeat.

The main thing that has been moved beyond 1.0 is type transformation, as
it is a tough topic that cannot be implemented in a hurry.

Bug reports are *particularly* welcome 8^).



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