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Re: [Erw-devel] Cross browser tips

From: erw-devel
Subject: Re: [Erw-devel] Cross browser tips
Date: 15 Oct 2003 10:48:13 +0200

On Wed, 2003-10-15 at 10:07, address@hidden wrote:
> Hi Seb,
> I've been implementing an IFRAME remote procedure call for our application 
> similar to the one in ERW. I notice that when you declare the RPC IFRAME 
> element in the ERW pages you omit the 'NAME' tag. You also use the 
> getElementById() function to retrieve the IFRAME object. According to this 
> very useful source on cross browser Javscript issues: 
> ( it is better to include the 'NAME' 
> tag and access the IFRAME object using 'frames["RPCframe"]'. This way you 
> should get better cross browser support.
> The reference also includes lots of other cross browser tips. As you may be 
> aware, ERW is broken under Konqueror most likely due to a cross browser JS 
> issue that could be easily fixed. 

Indeed, adding the NAME attribute made Konqueror to start loading lists.
However, afterward some JS error is generated and the RPC system hangs.
A pity they do not include by default a JS console showing errors 8^(.
If you can trace the problem, I'd really like ERW to work with Konqueror
(even if the buttons are reeeealy ugly!).



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