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[Erw-devel] RC2

From: erw-devel
Subject: [Erw-devel] RC2
Date: 14 Dec 2003 16:49:41 +0100

Again a release candidate 8^). Roberto discovered a serious problem with
read-only fields (when they are key fields), and fixing the problem
required a bit of rethinking of read-only fields. As a bonus, now the
user will be prevented from saving a form whose read-only fields differ
from the database content. The form will be presented again, with the
new values, the user will be warned and will be able to save again the
form. This is important to build a coherent view of the transaction
system (the last user pressing successfully OK must see in the form the
actual content that the database will contain after the submission).

The RC is at

I plan to release it in a few days, providing a temporary download area
(as Savannah will be down for a while). The development version will
soon follow.



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