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[Erw-devel] Release candidate and PHP 5

From: erw-devel
Subject: [Erw-devel] Release candidate and PHP 5
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 10:21:46 +0200

I added a "release candidate" branch on freshmeat. The purpose is
distributing new releases of the stable branch with "dramatic" changes
before changing the stable release. I uploaded a candidate release that
*will work with PHP 5 only*. This will happen sooner or later, so get
prepared to stick to 1.0.10, or move to PHP 5.

As usual, PHP does not leave many choices, as maintaining sophisticated
code working with both PHP 4 and PHP 5 is very difficult (if not
impossible), and in any case requires a lot of fiddling with
configuration files (e.g., call-time referencing is deprecated).



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