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Re: [Esp-action-alert] Bilski is out!! Analysis begun, help welcome

From: Gérald Sédrati-Dinet
Subject: Re: [Esp-action-alert] Bilski is out!! Analysis begun, help welcome
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 16:21:13 -0000
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> ESP is working on an analysis here:

I cannot acces it right now. Before, I've already add April's PR (in

In interesting quotes, note p. 16:

                              The Information Age empow
ers people with new capacities to perform statistical
analyses and mathematical calculations with a speed and
sophistication that enable the design of protocols for more
efficient performance of a vast number of business tasks.
If a high enough bar is not set when considering patent
applications of this sort, patent examiners and courts
could be flooded with claims that would put a chill on
creative endeavor and dynamic change.
   In searching for a limiting principle, this Court’s prece
dents on the unpatentability of abstract ideas provide
useful tools. See infra, at 12–15. Indeed, if the Court of
Appeals were to succeed in defining a narrower category
or class of patent applications that claim to instruct how
business should be conducted, and then rule that the
category is unpatentable because, for instance, it repre
sents an attempt to patent abstract ideas, this conclusion
might well be in accord with controlling precedent.

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