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[Espressomd-maintainer] [espresso] Center of mass motion tools compatibl

From: Georg Rempfer
Subject: [Espressomd-maintainer] [espresso] Center of mass motion tools compatible with MASS (#45)
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 07:56:20 -0700

Extended system_com and system_com_vel to properly work with particles of 
different masses. Old implementation is used if MASS is disabled.

Also added documentation for those two and galileiTransformParticles and 
deleted the respective todo notes.

You can merge this Pull Request by running:

  git pull galilei_transform

Or you can view, comment on it, or merge it online at:

-- Commit Summary --

* Changed 'galileiTansformParticles' so that it gives a proper result no matter 
whether MASS is switched on or off.
* Added documentation for 'galileiTransformParticles', 'system_com' and 

-- File Changes --

M doc/ug/aux.tex (33)
M doc/ug/setup.tex (9)
M scripts/auxiliary.tcl (113)

-- Patch Links --

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