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[Ext2-doc-help] TotallyCardDebtFree Overnight

From: alica hall
Subject: [Ext2-doc-help] TotallyCardDebtFree Overnight
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2006 22:44:29 -0100

Our attorneys have discovered a loop hole in the banking laws. Using this
discovery we have been successful at totally eliminating peoples
CreditCardDebt with out them paying another dime. 

We GuaranteeThat we can do this for you.

314-414-4 0 0 1

18.A Narrow Escape The Auditorium Tower, where the weather man sits to
flash his reports throughout the country, offered an inviting place for the
boy to alight
He dropped quietly upon the roof of the great building and walked down the
staircase until he reached the elevators, by means of which he descended to
the ground floor without exciting special attentionm10

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