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Re: Re: [Fastcgipp-users] Re: form handler crashing if posts key missing

From: ninti
Subject: Re: Re: [Fastcgipp-users] Re: form handler crashing if posts key missing
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 16:21:06 +1030

Yes, you are pushing the limits of my current grasp on fastcgi++ internals, but 
am starting to read the code and know my way around. 
I think a straightforward way to check for the existence of a key regardless of 
enctype is useful for server-side validation because end users can never be 
relied upon to do anything sanely or as requested. Client-side javascript 
validation would help a bit, but a malicious user or user with javascript 
disabled could still potentially bring the site down by submitting blank 
BTW, just to clarify: the three fields I have in my contact form are all form 
data (type="text", textarea) rather than file data (type="file"), unless I have 
not understood you correctly. 
On Wed 06/01/10 10:59 AM , Axel von Bertoldi address@hidden sent: 
> Hi there, 
> Just looked at the relevant code and have found the problem; its 
> related to Post::Type. Its not a difficult problem to fix, but might 
> be hard to explain so bare with me. Environment::requestVarExists 
> checks if post data exists for the associated key and will return true 
> if the post data is of type Post::Type::file or Post::Type::form. 
> Environment::requestVarGet also checks if post data exists for the 
> associated key before retrieving it. However, when I wrote 
> requestVarGet I assumed it would only be used for Post::Type::form 
> data. I think that was a faulty assumption. So requestVarGet and 
> requestVarExists are not consistent. 
> Mike, strangely, in your above example you have made the same mistake 
> I did; you check the existence of post data for the given key, and 
> then assume its Post::Type::form data. If its not, 
> environment.posts["name"].value will be undefined (or empty, Eddie?) 
> and you get a crasher. 
> So, the solution is to make Environment::requestVarExists and 
> Environment::requestVarGet consistent. 
> Option 1: Change requestVarExists to return true if a value for the 
> key exists AND the data is of type Post::Type::form 
> Option 2: Change requestVarGet to return the shared array at 
> Post::data if the data for the associated key is of type 
> Post::Type::file. 
> Eddie, do you have a preference? I suspect #2 would be more useful. 
> Cheers, 
> axel. 

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