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[Fastcgipp-users] Process keeps dying on second access

From: Rakesh Vidyadharan
Subject: [Fastcgipp-users] Process keeps dying on second access
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 20:29:19 -0600


I am trying out the hello example on Mac OS X Snow Leopard using Apache 2.2.20. 
 I configured apache as shown below:

<IfModule fastcgi_module>
FastCgiExternalServer /Library/WebServer/Documents/hello -socket /tmp/fcgi.sock

I start the fcgi process using spawn-fcgi as shown below (as root user)

/opt/local/bin/spawn-fcgi -u rakesh -g users -U _www -G _www -s /tmp/fcgi.sock 
-- hello

I can access hello/index.html (or any pattern under hello) once without any 
issues.  The process spawned is still alive after the first request, but the 
second request causes is to crash with the attached crash file.  Any ideas on 
what causes the crash?


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