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[Fastcgipp-users] Greetings / patches

From: Rodrigo Fernandes
Subject: [Fastcgipp-users] Greetings / patches
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 22:43:33 +0100
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Greetings all,

I've been using fastcgi++ for a couple of years now, mainly as an adapter for 
the webservices platform Answer. In developing the platform I've found the 
need to modify some fastcgi++ internals, and would like to provide patches.

Change sets include:

Use vector<pair<string,string>> instead of map to keep post data and other 
data structs where order of parameters might be relevant.

Provide access to the raw request data for Posts / allow registering 
processors for custom Content-types

Partial port to C++11.

I can also assist in porting fastcgi++ to the cmake build system if you so 

Could you please advise on who can I provide the patches git push request / 
tarball / other (assuming you are interested)

 Rodrigo Fernandes

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