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[femlisp-user] New Femlisp version 0.9.0

From: Nicolas Neuss
Subject: [femlisp-user] New Femlisp version 0.9.0
Date: 21 Apr 2004 17:44:03 +0200
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Femlisp-0.9.0 is available.  This is a major step forward, therefore the
larger jump in version numbers.  From the CHANGES file:


* From Femlisp-0.8.5 to Femlisp-0.9.0:

There are the beginnings of a GPS (general problem solver:-).  The generic
function SOLVE can be called on a blackboard containing a problem.  It then
tries to find a solution itself.

Femlisp is almost completely ANSI-compliant now.  At least, it works on
both SBCL and CMUCL.  The platform/implementation dependent parts are
concentrated in femlisp:src;basic;port.lisp.

DOUBLE-FLOAT is the standard read format now.

Some packages have been renamed for avoiding name clashes with other CL
libraries, e.g. MACROS became FL.MACROS, UTILITIES became FL.UTILITIES,
etc.  I intend to do the analogous change for other Femlisp packages, too.

Femlisp now uses the ASDF system definition facility by Dan Barlow instead
of MK-DEFSYSTEM.  Thanks to Dan and thanks to Christophe Rhodes for helping
me with this change.

Femlisp is somewhat faster now (by about 10%-30%).  The main reason is the
caching of the last result of CORNERS (corners of a cell).

A replacement for Matlisp was incorporated (package FL.MATLISP) which
is sufficient for the restricted LAPACK functionality needed by Femlisp.
The main advantages of this change are that Femlisp should be easily
portable to other CL implementations now and that these routines work much
faster on small matrices.


Enjoy, Nicolas.

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