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[femlisp-user] Femlisp-0.9.1

From: Nicolas Neuss
Subject: [femlisp-user] Femlisp-0.9.1
Date: 30 Apr 2004 11:46:35 +0200
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Femlisp-0.9.1 is available.  Especially the installation process has been
improved[1].  Here is the extract from the CHANGES file:

* From Femlisp-0.9.0 to Femlisp-0.9.1:

The DX logfile is now written to #p"femlisp:images;"

Corrections in the files FAQ, CHANGES, INSTALL, README, and TODO.

Some extensions of general problem solving.  This is work in progress.

Femlisp now works with SBCL on Mac OS X and with CMUCL on Sparc/Solaris.
Unfortunately, the communication with Data Explorer on Mac OS X is not yet

The whole installation process is specified in more detail in INSTALL.  The
approach using the global installation script "femlisp-install" is
abandoned, because it does not make much sense for more sophisticated

For convenience, I have included the ASDF and Infix libraries with Femlisp
in the directory "femlisp/external/".  CL-PPCRE is put there as well by
executing using "make cl-ppcre" in the Femlisp main directory.

Yours, Nicolas.

[1] Especially, it should be easy to install Femlisp inside any working
    Lisp environment.  If someone is doing this for something new, please
    let me know.

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