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[femlisp-user] Femlisp-0.9.2

From: Nicolas Neuss
Subject: [femlisp-user] Femlisp-0.9.2
Date: 07 Jun 2004 13:58:51 +0200
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Dear Femlisp users.

There is a new Femlisp version available.  Here is the corresponding
excerpt from the CHANGES file.


* From Femlisp-0.9.1 to Femlisp-0.9.2:

A Newton iteration was introduced for solving nonlinear problems, see the
file ITERATION:NLSOLVE.LISP.  Examples for solving nonlinear problems can
be found in the files APPLICATIONS;CDR;BRATU.LISP and

Levels for iteration output were introduced.  The keyword parameter OUTPUT
can be a number telling up to which depth the nested iterations print out
their status information (for example, showing convergence of the adaptive
mesh refinement, nonlinear and linear solving would need OUTPUT to be at
least 3).

The respresentation of blackboards was changed from property lists to

The class name <PROBLEM> was changed to <PDE-PROBLEM>.  <PROBLEM> is a more
general class (which contains, for example, also discrete linear or
nonlinear problems).

Femlisp now works on Mac OS X with an OpenDX from Fink/unstable. Thanks to
Ingo Heppner for testing this out and thanks to Volker Reichenberger who
gave us the hint with Fink.

I removed all method specializations on the fixnum type (because it is not
ANSI-CL compatible).

Plotting for general n-dimensional meshes now works by plotting only the
3-dimensional skeleton transformed by a linear mapping.  By default, this
transformation skips all coordinates but the first three, so (PLOT (N-CUBE
4)) will yield the same as (PLOT (N-CUBE 3)).  See the refinement demos for
the effect of the transformation mapping.

Plotting of meshes containing prism/wedge cells works.  Also demos for
refinement of wedges and computations on a wedge are now available.


Yours, Nicolas.

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