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[femlisp-user] Femlisp version 0.9.6

From: Nicolas Neuss
Subject: [femlisp-user] Femlisp version 0.9.6
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 19:13:42 +0200
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a new Femlisp version is available.  Here is the relevant excerpt from the


* From Femlisp-0.9.5 to Femlisp-0.9.6:

Femlisp runs successfully on an AMD-64 platform using SBCL (however, mine
was a parallel machine in Warwick/UK, and I could not test any graphics).
Many thanks especially to Dan Barlow and Juho Snellman for making this work
for SBCL.

The installation procedure was improved with a configure script.

The use of LAPACK/Matlisp for full matrices in Femlisp is now possible in a
very convenient way: if Matlisp is available, the function
@function{extend-matlisp-function} can be used to extend a Matlisp generic
function to be applicable to Femlisp matrices.

There is now an installation section for MacOS X in the manual.

If neither SuperLU nor UMFPACK is available, we use the old LU
decomposition for our own sparse matrix format.  This makes those packages
optional, although the performance may suffer for larger matrices.

General refinement rules are allowed now.  For example, although
anisotropic refinement rules are not yet created, this should be very easy
to do now.

Finite element interpolation now works for vector-valued functions.

Automatically generated matrix classes are now correctly interned in the
package @package{FL.MATLISP}.


Have fun,

Nicolas Neuss.

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