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[femlisp-user] Announcement Femlisp-0.9.7

From: Nicolas Neuss
Subject: [femlisp-user] Announcement Femlisp-0.9.7
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 13:12:17 +0200
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a new Femlisp version is available.  Below is the relevant excerpt from the

Yours, Nicolas.

* From Femlisp-0.9.6 to Femlisp-0.9.7:

There is a directory @path{femlisp:private} where users can put private
stuff.  If a file @path{femlisp:private;start.lisp} is found it is loaded
when Femlisp starts up.

Dofs are CLOS classes now instead of structures in @arg{fe.lisp}.  Now
Allegro compiles without warnings.  No obvious speed reduction for SBCL.

Cosmetic changes for removing Allegro warnings.

Femlisp now works with Allegro CL on AMD-64 and Linux.  Many thanks to
Franz Inc. for allowing me to use an evaluation license of their product.

Removed a bug in the CG method which assumed that a smoother would keep the
residual intact.  Now, BPX preconditioning with Jacobi smoothing works.

Changed the representation of identifications from a list of identified
cells to a class containing a slot of identified cells.  This should remove
the following subtle bug: with list as hash-table keys, the ordering of
hash-based sparse matrices might change after GC, whereas, on the other
hand, there may be still places in Femlisp where it is implicitly assumed
that this ordering is kept.

Worked towards full ANSI compliance of Femlisp.  One important step was
checking that all array allocations have an initialization parameter
(CMUCL/SBCL do a default initialization with 0 which is not guaranteed by
the standard).

Removed an underflow bug in DX graphics by converting each value to
single-float before output.

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