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Re: [femlisp-user] load process.

From: Nicolas Neuss
Subject: Re: [femlisp-user] load process.
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 20:01:56 +0200
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address@hidden (Mario S. Mommer) writes:

> Hi,

Hi Mario,

> With a few little changes, it is possible to load femlisp completely via
> asdf.
> The changes are:
> * rename femlisp.asd to femlisp-src.asd,
> * replace femlisp.asd, femlisp-src.asd, and start.lisp with the versions
>   attached. The changes are one line of code each.
> What happens is that femlisp.asd just loads start.lisp which then
> loads femlisp-src.asd.

Thank you for your contribution which I committed with a little change (I
dropped the new package definition from femlisp.asd which I consider a bit
of overkill).  I also put a license text even into the tiny femlisp.asd,
because the folks at Savannah required it when I registered Femlisp.[*]

I guess that later (when ASDF is really available everywhere from the
beginning) one might combine both system definition files into one.  But
for the time being, your solution is probably the best.

> Regards,
>         Mario.
> P.S: It would be nice if you could put the cvs command sequence needed to
> download femlisp from cvs on the frontpage of femlisp.org. That helps us
> lazy copy-pasters :-)

I'll keep it in mind.  But I guess that anyone who is ripe for trying CVS
versions of CL libraries will find the link easily enough.  (Also
installation via asdf-install would be nice for Common Lispers.)

Yours, Nicolas.

[*] Maybe this way is also not bad, because files can then be moved around
without the license being forgotten.

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