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[femlisp-user] Constructing 2D domain

From: Sebastian Sturm
Subject: [femlisp-user] Constructing 2D domain
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 16:22:14 +0200

Hello all,

I have recently installed Femlisp and I would like to solve a simple 
electrostatic problem div(sigma*grad phi) = 0 on a non-rectangular domain 
consisting of parts with different conductivities (Neumann BC on some 
boundaries, Dirichlet BC on the others). Although I have browsed the examples 
and large parts of the source code, I do not see how to construct a domain 
different from the presupplied ones. I guess there should be a fairly easy way 
to supply a set of corners as the domain boundary, send that to triangle and 
work on the resulting mesh? Also, can I assign some kind of id to different 
domains ( / patches ?) and use that to have different material parameters (in 
this case, the A tensor of an elliptic problem) for different spatial regions?

On a side note, I had problems installing OpenDX using macports and since it 
seems to be abandonware anyway, I'd rather do without it. For now I'm using 
cl-cairo and Mathematica to visualize meshes and corresponding solutions, but 
as there seems to be a VTK version in the works, I'd like to know if there is 
already some preliminary version up for testing?

best regards,
Sebastian Sturm

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