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Re: [femlisp-user] quicklisp installation: test fails -> triangle ...

From: Nicolas Neuss
Subject: Re: [femlisp-user] quicklisp installation: test fails -> triangle ...
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2012 10:34:02 +0100
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[This answer was rejected, because my email address has changed.
Robert probably has received it privately, but for the record I resend
it also to the list.]

Robert Glöckner <address@hidden> writes:

> Dear femlisp-users,
> I installed femlisp via quicklisp, because i did not find infix-library
> anywhere else.

Ah.  I didn't know that Femlisp was integrated already well in
Quicklisp.  This is nice to know.

> It seemed to work, but some tests failed:
> "Started tests at 1.3.2012 at 17:43:40
> Finished tests at 1.3.2012 at 17:47:36
> The following tests failed:
> Condition: Cannot call TRIANGLE.  Please install it, e.g. by issuing the
> command 'make triangle' from the Femlisp main directory.
> [...]
> I went to ~/quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/software/femlisp-0-9-10/ and did
> make triangle
> and ran the tests again, but without any change (still failing).

> What did I do wrong (directory?)? Do I have to run make
> {femlisp/all/...}, too?

You must tell Femlisp where to find the triangle executable.  You could
do this in the file "femlisp:femlisp-config" by setting the variable
*triangle-path*.  Since you installed it locally with Femlisp you could
simply use the path #p"femlisp:external;triangle;triangle".

(Once there was a command find-executable in CMUCL/SBCL which could find
executables on the system and which I used also at this place.
Unfortunately, it was abandoned some years ago because of difficulties
of providing i portably across operating systems.)

Best regards,


Nicolas Neuss    address@hidden

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