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From: Tuomas J. Lukka
Subject: [ff-cvs] journals ./tjl cv/tjl_cv.tex cv/tjl_publication...
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 16:54:56 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/fenfire
Module name:    journals
Changes by:     Tuomas J. Lukka <address@hidden>        03/12/01 16:54:56

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        cv             : tjl_cv.tex tjl_publications.tex 

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Index: journals/cv/tjl_cv.tex
diff -u journals/cv/tjl_cv.tex:1.5 journals/cv/tjl_cv.tex:1.6
--- journals/cv/tjl_cv.tex:1.5  Thu Oct 30 05:30:09 2003
+++ journals/cv/tjl_cv.tex      Mon Dec  1 16:54:55 2003
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
@@ -28,24 +28,44 @@
 \subsection*{Education / Research} 
-\item Skipped second grade of Finnish high school
-\item Finnish student examination 31. May 1992 (6L)
+\item Skipped the second grade of Finnish high school
+\item Finnish student examination 31. May 1992 (grade: 6 * laudatur)
 \item Studies in University of Helsinki beginning in  1992
 \item Research assistant under Lauri Halonen
     at the physical chemistry laboratory 
     in summer 1993
 \item M.Sc and Ph.D with laudatur for both theses in 1995
 \item 1995-1996 research on a grant from Emil Aaltonen foundation
-\item 1996-1999 Junior Fellowship at Harvard Society of Fellows
+\item 1996-1999 Junior Fellowship at Harvard Society of Fellows (a 
+       3-year post given to 8 people a year at Harvard University)
 \item 1999-2000 Grant from University Foundation of Jyväskylä
 \item 2001-present directing the Fenfire (n\'ee gzz n\'ee gzigzag)
      project at University of Jyväskylä
+\subsection*{Work on the private sector}
+\item ca. 1991: FORTH interpreter for the Intel 8051 microcontroller
+       as an unpaid internship for Asko Rupponen in Lappeenranta
+\item 1992 - early 1993: full-time and subsequently part-time work 
+      for Carelcomp (which later merged to TietoEnator)
+      on software related to logistics and the trimming
+      problem for paper mills
+\item 1999-2002: part time work for VBI Technology, which
+      later merged with Teleware and then split from it again as
+      Modirum. 
+      I had a leading technical role 
+      on consulting projects related to
+      Digital TV 
+      and product development
+      for secure online payments (VISA 3D-secure).
-\item Winner of Finnish national chemistry competition 
+\item Winner of Finnish national chemistry competition (lower-grade series)
        on 1st grade of Finnish high school (lukio)
 \item Winner of Finnish national mathematics competition 
        on 3rd grade of Finnish high school (lukio)
@@ -70,9 +90,27 @@
 \item User interfaces: information management and visualization methods
 \item Computer graphics, as related to user interfaces
-\item Reliable computer systems
+\item Reliable designs for software
 \item P2P networks, as related to the above areas
+\subsection*{Computer environments and languages known}
+\item[Environments] Linux, Unix, MHP (digital TV).  
+       A long time ago, or less familiar: 386BSD, DOS, C-64, VIC-20
+\item[Languages] C, C++, Java, 
+assembler (x86), 
+Perl, Python, Jython, Yacc, Lex, Tcl,
+Make, HTML, WML.  A long time ago, or less familiar: LISP, JavaScript, Prolog, 
Pascal, assembler (6502/6510, 8051)
+\item[Graphics] OpenGL, including OpenGL vertex and fragment programs (both 
ARB and NVIDIA flavors), X11. Somewhat familiar with: Renderman
+\item[User-interface toolkits] X11, Gtk, Java AWT, Tk. Somewhat less familiar 
with: Qt
+\item[Distributed system libraries] somewhat familiar with: CORBA, PVM
+\item[Diagram languages] UML
+\item[Versioning systems] CVS, Arch (TLA)
Index: journals/cv/tjl_publications.tex
diff -u journals/cv/tjl_publications.tex:1.8 
--- journals/cv/tjl_publications.tex:1.8        Thu Oct 30 03:02:37 2003
+++ journals/cv/tjl_publications.tex    Mon Dec  1 16:54:55 2003
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
 Computation, 2000
 Tuomas J. Lukka:
-(refereed ``project report''): Marked-up programming.
+(``project report''): Marked-up programming.
 \emph{Markup Languages, theory \& practice}, 2(2), 165-182, 2000
 Tuomas J. Lukka and Janne V. Kujala:
@@ -120,12 +120,32 @@
 \emph{Presented in 
 7th International Conference on Information Visualisation}, London, July 2003,
 as a display poster.
+Asko Soukka, Tuukka Hastrup, Tuomas J. Lukka and Benja Fallenstein:
+Bridging Javadoc and design documentation via UML diagram image maps.
+\emph{Presented in the Hypertext 2003 conference}, 
+Nottingham, August 2003. 
 \subsection*{Reports and non-refereed publications}
+Tuomas J. Lukka:
+Learning Japanese.
+\emph{The Perl Journal}, 3(2), 1998.
+An article on how to use a Perl CGI script to give useful translations
+of words for learners of Japanese.
+Tuomas J. Lukka:
+Parsing VRML.
+\emph{The Perl Journal}, 3(3), 1998.
+An article on building a VRML parser in Perl, for use in FreeWRL.
+Tuomas Lukka:
+An introduction to VRML.
+\emph{The Linux Journal}, 57, 1999.
 Tuomas Lukka and Katariina Ervasti:
 GZigZag, A platform for Cybertext Experiments.
 \emph{in Markku Eskelinen and Raine Koskimaa, eds., CyberText Yearbook 2000}, 
Publications of the research centre for contemporary culture 68, 2001.
@@ -143,17 +163,58 @@
 \item One of the main authors of PDL, 
-a numeric extension to the Perl language. http://pdl.perl.org
+a numeric extension to the Perl language. {\sf http://pdl.perl.org}
 \item Original author of FreeWRL, a free VRML browser for Linux/Unix. The
-first Linux VRML browser to support JavaScript.\\
+first Linux VRML browser to support JavaScript. The project is currently
+led by John Stewart at {\sf http://freewrl.sourceforge.net}. 
-\important Leader of Fenfire and related projects. http://fenfire.org
+Leader of Fenfire and related projects, along with my research
+           group. {\sf http://fenfire.org}. 
+          While some of the subprojects, e.g., callgl, libvob and libpaper,
+          are relatively stable, 
+          most of the projects are still under heavy development.
+    \item[callgl] A library for a simple OpenGL script language to compile
+                 simplified OpenGL commands into display lists. Useful
+                 for rapid development of OpenGL applications.
+    \item[libvob] A user interface library in many ways more flexible than
+                 the standard widget- or scene graph -based approaches.
+                 Supports both Java AWT and OpenGL graphics output.
+    \item[libpaper] (currently a part of libvob) A library for generating
+               \emph{unique} textures, textures that all appear to the human
+               eye different and easily memorizable. 
+    \item[storm] A simple framework for stable, reliable, cacheable, permanent
+               content-addressed
+                storage, enabling easy integration to P2P environments.
+    \item[alph] An implementation of Nelson's Xanalogical referential fluid 
+               model
+    \item[fenfire] A user environment with a focus on interconnectedness.
+\subsection*{Commercial software}
+\item A FORTH interpreter for the Intel 8051 microcontroller (to my 
+      knowledge, never made commercially available)
+\item A significant part of the work in a logistics program for the paper
+      industry at Carelcomp
+\item A trimming program (i.e. a program that determines how to cut the output
+      of a paper machine width-wise to achieve least waste) for Carelcomp
+      (I am not sure whether this was commercialized)
+\item Leading the initial technical development 
+      for a WAP browser intended as an alternative
+      SuperText-TV implementation on the MHP platform at VBI Technology / 
Teleware / Modirum\footnote{
+       I originally joined VBI Technology, which then merged into Teleware
+       and later split again as Modirum}.
+      Especially interesting in this project was the user interface designed
+      by myself.
+\item Leading the technical development 
+      for a secure internet payment system (MDPay) implementing VISA's 
3D-secure specification
+      at VBI Technology / Teleware / Modirum.
+      The project was later extended to also cover Mastercard's corresponding 
+\item Minor roles in various consulting projects at VBI Technology/ Teleware / 
Index: journals/tjl
diff -u journals/tjl:1.170 journals/tjl:1.171
--- journals/tjl:1.170  Sun Nov  9 04:46:18 2003
+++ journals/tjl        Mon Dec  1 16:54:55 2003
@@ -191,9 +191,10 @@
 - FenPDF / Fenfire design conventions doc
+- JGT anisotext
 ----- current multitask
-- JGT anisotext
 - pointers
@@ -205,6 +206,30 @@
+2003-12-02: Get back to speed and speed up FenPDF by 
+            a large margin
+    - Fix lots of dumb performance-affecting mistakes in 
+       - NonDeletingMipzipManager
+       - CachingMap
+       - RefValueMap
+    - make mipzipfile faster by not opening it always again,
+      caching the 5 latest open files
+    - finally, decision to leave the project within 12 months
+    - legal / project management issues taking most of the 
+      time
+    - Talking about experiments with Jvk
+    - JoDi article with Benja
+    - JoDi review changes planning
+2003-11-08: Not a full workday - tired
+    - JoDi review changes: discussing with Benja, looking
+      for refs
+    - fix FenPDF on GF FX - didn't work right since Functional
+      didn't work with integer parameters
     - spanimages -> functions

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