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[ff3d-users] questions...

From: sellier
Subject: [ff3d-users] questions...
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 18:48:33 +0200
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Hello everybody,

I am very new in the world of ff3d and I have a questions. I hope somebody 
will be so nice to help me :) I have tried to introduced in a code written in 
ff3d language an object using the language of pov-ray but I have seen that it 
is not very satisfying because I can't obtain a finite element mesh. So I have 
3 questions:
1) It is possible to read and use from a ff3d code a mesh constructed from 
2) If yes, how can I reference the elements and part of the surface to take 
into account the boundary conditions?
3) Can somebody send me an example in such a way I can understand better how 
it is possible to do these things? (obviously if it is possible... )
Thanks a lot to everybody will try to help me.


Jean Michel


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