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RE: [ff3d-users] Periodic BCs

From: Stephane Del Pino
Subject: RE: [ff3d-users] Periodic BCs
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 19:54:26 +0100
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I finally managed to finish periodic boundary conditions implementation. I 
announced it would take me two weeks but it did take six :-(
Sorry for that, I was quite busy and did not have much time for ff3d ...

It seems to work well, I attach here a convection-diffusion example. The use 
is quite simple: since you only need to build a periodic mesh, for instance
 mesh M = periodic(M,0:1);
says that M will now be a periodic mesh, periodicity is defined between the 
faces 0 and 1 (xmin and xmax). You can obviously declare multi-periodical 
 mesh M = periodic(M,0:1,2:3,4:5);
is a three-periodic mesh.
This only works for cartesian structured meshes, since it is much more tricky 
to connect faces for unstructured cases ...

I did not checked Navier-Stokes, since I did not have time, I would appreciate 

Best regards,

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