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Re:[ff3d-users] Version 1.0pre7 released

From: thomas\.gazzola
Subject: Re:[ff3d-users] Version 1.0pre7 released
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 15:36:07 +0100

> GUI?
> ====
> No decision has been taken concerning ff3d's GUI, three
options are to be
> considered, and feedback would be appreciated concerning
this particular
> point. Knowing that Editor integration is already almost
finished, here are
> the options:
> 1- wait for version 1 to be released before preocuping of
the GUI,
> 2- only plug the text editor (needs a few fixes in the
> management),
> 3- integrate also VTK's window.
> Since ff3d has no particular hurry constraintes, every ones'
opinion is
> welcome.

Hello, here is my comment :o)

Option 1 is very good. I think it is more important to fulfill
the documentation: there are lots of options undocumented, so
one cannot use them.
I know that it is very time consumming to do this, but this is
the most important to me.

I also have a question. Does ff3d plan to have a function like
freefem++'s adaptmesh ? (I now that in 3D, the difficulty is
not the same...)



PS: I found no link to the sources
(http://www.freefem.org/ff3d/sources/) on the ff3d web page,
only the CVS access process.

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