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Re: [ff3d-users] convect operator

From: Stephane Del Pino
Subject: Re: [ff3d-users] convect operator
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 00:07:01 +0200
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Le lundi 16 avril 2007, Cécile Giorla a écrit :
> Hi,

Sorry for this late answer, I had no internet last week.

> Do you have any idea of when the convect operator will be avaible for a
> hexahedra mesh read from GMSH format?
In fact I had already implement it, but did not committed it. This is now 
done. The problem is double:
- I am not sure the implementation is correct
- This is not a priority development : up to now use of characteristics with 
unstructured hexahedra is not something I recommend.

So, since I did now commit it, can you please check that it is correct and let 
me know. If it is not working, just inform me, but I think I will not have 
much time to look at it. So, If you really need it, I would really appreciate 
if you can try to debug it and then contribute to ff3d. I can help you in 
that by indicating you the files where the code it to change [again if 
needed] ...

> As a temporary solution, I thought of tetrahedrizing the mesh, but this
> opration is not avaible for such a mesh :
> MeshTetrahedrizor.cpp:282: not implemented: unexpected mesh type
> UNEXPECTED ERROR: this should not occure, please report it
Yes. Tetrahedrizing unstructured hexahedra mesh is not implemented  and is 
quite tricky to do for general meshes.
I replaced this 'unexpected error'  by a 'normal error'. Again, if you really 
need it, I can help you to code it but I really cannot do it myself now.

The best solution for you is probably to try to generate with an external tool 
(gmsh ?) the tetrahedrized mesh of you hexahedra mesh: I really do not think 
unstructured hexahedra mesh is a solution, because it is costly.

I insist : if you need such specific treatments it would really be very nice 
from you if you can contribute to the code.

Best regards,

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