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Re: [ff3d-users] a beginner's question

From: Stephane Del Pino
Subject: Re: [ff3d-users] a beginner's question
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 23:47:50 +0100
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Le vendredi 2 novembre 2007, address@hidden a écrit :
> One of my friends just recommended freeFEM++ to me.  Does ff3D has the
> same functionality as freeFEM++ (a 2D version?)?  I noticed that the
> latested freeFEM++ was released in Oct 2007, while ff3D seemed has an
> older update.
freefem++ has more functionalities, but you can solve a lot of problems using 
ff3d... It depends on what do you want to do ...

> I have very complex geometries.  Can ff3D handle meshing of very complex
> geometries?
ff3d does not incorporate any mesher. But there are two ways to deal with 
complex geometries in ff3d:
- use the fictitious domain methods, or
- use the standard finite element method using an existing unstructured 3d 
mesh of tetrahedra (you can build it with gmsh for instance)


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