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Re: [ff3d-users] new to ff3d help required

From: Stephane Del Pino
Subject: Re: [ff3d-users] new to ff3d help required
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 01:29:48 +0200
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The time discretization in ff3d is let to the user. You have to write your scheme using the language. For instance, writing an implicit Euler scheme to solve the heat equation on a mesh 'M', one can write :

double dt = 0.1;
double i=0;

function un = 0;

for (i=0; i<10; ++i) {
sove(u) in M
int(u*v) + int(dt*grad(u)*grad(v)) = int(un*v);
u = 1 on 0; // dirichlet on boundary 0
un = u;

Best regards,

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