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Re: [ff3d-users] bloch equation on ff3d

From: Stephane Del Pino
Subject: Re: [ff3d-users] bloch equation on ff3d
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 09:59:33 +0200
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Dear Rabail,

Le vendredi 12 juin 2009, Rabail Junaid a écrit :
> After applying the time discretization scheme and putting numerical values
> for the omega, T2,T1, Mo an error message appears that equation is not
> correct.
Can you please send your data file? I cannot help you without it...

> I want to know if there is no space differential operator like
> div(grad()) or grad() and there is only time discretization in the equation
> would ff3d solve such an equation?
It should work. It just performs an L2 projection in that case.

> Also if someone can give me some better
> suggestion about how to solve bloch equation on ff3d?
Again, without your data file, it is not easy to help you.

Best regards,

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