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[ff3d-users] How to solve when there are different regions in the domain

From: Juzar Thingna
Subject: [ff3d-users] How to solve when there are different regions in the domain
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 16:53:40 +0800

Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to solve a set of coupled equations in a domain Omega. My domain Omega consists of 3 regions and my functions u and v need to be continuous across the regions. Also the constants of my problem vary across the regions. I'm currently using the function "one" to define my constants in different regions. But when I run my program it says that it has used 0 DOF out of 10000 available. And thus it does not give an answer.

My domain syntax is the following

domain O =domain(S,inside(<1,0,0>) && inside(<0,0,0>) && inside (<0,1,0>));

when I remove the part && inside(<0,0,0>) && inside(<0,1,0>)and just keep one region in my domain the program runs with some DOF(although incorrectly).

I'm not quite sure why this is occurring? Any suggestion would be of great help

Also I'm curious if across the regions the continuity of the function will be maintained?

Juzar Thingna
Center for Computation Science and Engineering
National University of Singapore

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