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Re: [Fhsst-physics] Questions for Spencer

From: Markus Oldenburg
Subject: Re: [Fhsst-physics] Questions for Spencer
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 16:24:49 -0500
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2) Then in the units the "." as in "m.s^2" - they insisted on this notation - is that right? Or can we leave out the .'s?


personally I don't have a preference for putting a dot or not. Well, maybe we should put them in cases where it will make things clearer (like the example above: We don't want to talk about milliseconds^2 but meters time second^-1). However, I have a strong feeling against putting the dot on the line (like a full stop). I've never seen that before anywhere. LaTex gives you an easy way to put it 'in the middle' (\cdot) and I'm in favor of this solution (in cases where it helps the understanding).

Greetings, Markus

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