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[Fhsst-physics] Re: Science education in Africa

From: Mark Horner
Subject: [Fhsst-physics] Re: Science education in Africa
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005 18:15:15 -0700
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Hi Patricia

Thanks for getting back to me.

The demonstration suggestions would be very helpful. I would love to include demonstrations/experiments that are simple yet illustrate the important concepts in the book. I have been focussing on the core content up to now but I think it would be great to start including additional content like essays and demonstrations. So if you can send me anything I'd really appreciate it.

I don't want to emphasise one section over the other, but if I had to, I would say Newton's laws
and the basic concepts of electricity would be the most important.

It would also great if you could spread the word to anybody who you think might be interested in helping. I do appreciate how hard it is to find time for volunteer work - this project eats up all my free time and then some - so we are greatful for any contributions of any size.

Best regards,


Patricia Sievert wrote:

I would be interested in helping, although my time is already stretched. As I see you have most of the physics text written, I was wondering if you needed suggestions of appropriate demonstrations for any of the sections or if you might need a few line drawings--my previous experience being in art and design. I would not have time to make a major contribution, but suggesting demonstrations might be one way for me to help. My outreach team is a group of volunteer undergad and graduate students who barely have time for the outreach work we already have lined up. I will pass along your info to one masters student in physics education who might be interested in working with you on this after he's done with his thesis this summer.

This looks like an enormous and very worthwhile project. I wish you the best and if you can use my modest offer, let me know. Pati

/Pati Sievert/

/Outreach Coordinator, NICADD and Department of Physics/

/Northern //Illinois// //University///

/DeKalb//, //IL// //60115///

/address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>/

/(815) 753-6418/


Mark Horner wrote:

Hi Patricia

Let me be brief - I am a South African student working at Lawrence
Berkeley National
Laboratory as part of my PhD research. A group of students from the
University of
Cape Town (SA) formed a project to aid education initiatives in rural
areas by reducing
the cost of textbooks. In rural areas books are unavailable to large
numbers of students
and budgets are tight - we can reduce the cost by an order of magnitude
by generating
content free from royalties.

More details on: http://www.nongnu.org/fhsst

I am trying to contact as many like-minded people as possible as we have
made much
progress but still need help finishing off physics.

Is there any chance that members of your outreach team would be
interested in lending a helping hand?
Its most certainly a worthy cause and the timing in great for such a
project in Southern Africa as
it will be easy to extend to countries like Namibia, Mozambique etc. and
science education is
hot topic.

Yours sincerely,



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