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Re: [Findutils-patches] xattr and capability support

From: KillBoy PowerHed
Subject: Re: [Findutils-patches] xattr and capability support
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 22:19:20 +0000 (UTC)

Hi list,

Now that the FSF legals are out of the way I've started working on $subject
again, I've implemented a couple of Dale's suggestions already :-

>> My understanding is that all regexes in find are controlled by
>> -regextype, so the regex handling in any new predicates should work
>> the same way.  The particular syntax for the regex is set by
>> -regextype, but whether the regex is case-sensitive is determined by
>> whether the predicate starts with "i".  (E.g., -iname vs. -name,
>> -ilname vs. -lname)

The pattern is now interpreted according to '-regextype', I've also added
a case-insensitive '-ixattr'

> >- If the current file name is a symbolic link, does -xattr test the
> >  symbolic link itself, or the file it points to?  (It's possible that
> >  symbolic links can never have extended attributes, in which case
> >  looking at the file that is pointed to would always make sense.)  Is
> >  this behavior affected by the -L option?  Or do we need a "-lxattr"
> >  test?
>I would expect it to work like -name vs. -lname.  And the meaning of
>both of these is modified by the -P, -L, -H, and deprecated --follow

Next on the TODO list

> >- Is there any way to test whether a particular attribute has a
> >  particular value, or matches a regex?  Is there any need for this?
> >  If there is:  It appears to me that the values can be binary
> >  strings; what do we have to do to allow comparison values to be
> >  specified (especially given that 0 bytes cannot appear in command
> >  arguments).  If the values can be binary strings, is there a need to
> >  provide a mask-and-test operation?

Will defer until demand can be determined, seems like a little effort may
be required.

So my question for today is about test cases, is there a complexity
tipping point after which it's not worth it?

i.e. for '-xattr'
- Ensure the filesystem supports extended attributes
- create a test file
- set an etended attribute
- check that the file matches the pattern

For the '-cap' option, creating the test case would be even more complex
as you need root permissions to set capabilities on files, need to ensure
sample files are cleaned up etc

... thoughts?



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