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Re: [Fle3-users] Installation again

From: Erich Neuwirth
Subject: Re: [Fle3-users] Installation again
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2003 23:04:52 +0100
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thank you,
that solves my problem.
i did not know that the data go into

so i can use INSTANCE_HOME to put tall of that into some other place,
and then the data have enough space.

thanks again,
now i know what to do.

address@hidden wrote:
On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 09:30:27AM +0100, Erich Neuwirth wrote:

I did a standard installation of zope on Debian.
Debian recommends that all extenstions not coming from them should be installed in
/var/lib, not in /usr/lib.
The Debian package from the fle3 site, however, installs in /usr/lib
and zope's INSTANCE_HOME
as a default points to /var/lib.

But my fle3 is not installed there.
When i simply stop Zope,
and restart zope,
FLE is not shown as a zope application.

How can i put FLE out of /usr/lib so that it works?

I'm not a Debian expert, so please somebody correct if I am wrong...

Anyway, I would recommend that you keep FLE directory inside
/usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products because it takes only constant
amount of disk space (a couple of megabytes).  All data that you
create while using FLE is stored in Zope's object database /var/lib/zope/var/Data.fs (where you need to have several hundereds
of megabytes of free space).

If you are really running out of space in /usr partition you can
always create a symbolic link /usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products/FLE
pointing to actual FLE directory on some other partition.

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