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Re: [Fle3-users] voting as part of FLE for the future?

From: Mark Rauterkus
Subject: Re: [Fle3-users] voting as part of FLE for the future?
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 08:32:40 -0500

> Actually some kind of surveys and questionnaires can be used in very 
> clever way in online learning. For instance a course can start so that
> all the participants will answer to some questionnaire that will map
> their attitudes and thoughts of the course topics. The results can then
> be used as the starting point for the knowledge building. Hmm...well..
> actually this is no more voting.


To be sure, the "vote" concept is like a big kick in the teeth when it is
first injected into discussions.
    classroom: "Teacher, let's vote on what chapters we do first."
    faculty: "Principal, let's vote on who should teach that course."

However, polling is much like voting. Same too (to some extent) with test

In a collective setting, polling and voting can be used to accelerate
learning too. In a deliberative setting, a fast typer, loud talker, better
technologist, -- even the vote counter -- has the upper hand and could
de-rail the progress of the group.

Voting and democracy is not the key to overall learning. But, voting can be
a key to advancing over a sticking point / serious hurdle. And, voting can
be a hinge to solving some of life's serious problems and even "prevent

If and as Fle3 becomes a "killer app" -- I think it would be well served to
have "voting" as an element -- even on its fringe. As maturity to the tool
arrives, I'd hope for a great vote component.

Finally, globally, (given all of Fle3's translations) the vote is such a
frail concept it would be great to witness the culture and philosophical


Mark Rauterkus
address@hidden  http://Rauterkus.com
http://CLOH.Org   http://Sunnyhill.org    http://www.Deliberate.com

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