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[Fle3-users] What does it use "jamming" for?

From: César Hernández Rosete
Subject: [Fle3-users] What does it use "jamming" for?
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 18:46:04 -0700

Dear list,

I continue using FLE and Colaborative Learning. I don't understand the
option "jamming". In your Documentation: "Fle3 User Manual" and "How do I
use Fle3 in my study course?" just learn to use jamming but you don't say:
How to apply it in the collaborative learning?.

Jamming is Map tool?. I don't believe it. Novak said that the components of
a conceptual map are: Concept, proposition and connection. For the
collaborative learning I have only used "Knowledge Building."

Please help me.

Thank you.


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