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[Fle3-users] Fle3 is still alive!

From: Teemu Leinonen
Subject: [Fle3-users] Fle3 is still alive!
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 14:42:51 +0300

Hello all,

Sorry for the cross posting, but I wanted to reach with one message all you who are - or at least use to be - interested in the Fle3 development.

First at all: Fle3 project is alive. :-) We basically have two major tracks of development going on. The first one is a huge improvement to the direction to achieve our original vision. The second one is more technical, but really necessary thing to do. More details here:

(1) Map view in Knowledge Building

We are progressing - not fast, but anyway - to have a "map view" in the Knowledge Building.

This means that you can have a background image - or just use some color as a background - and carry out the knowledge building discourse on top of it. The KB notes are then displayed in a space where you can drag-and-drop them to different location. You may also zoom the map/image and drag-and-drop it.

We do not yet have a demo of the map view online, but the feature is based on the Imanote product - another product we have been developing - ad from the Imanote screen shots in here:


The KB map view is a feature we have been dreaming about and (actually designing it, too) already since 1998 :-) Only now there are web technologies that really makes this possible. We are very excited.

Fle3 to work with the latest version of Zope

This is actually a huge task. In the current Fle3 we are using the DTML to build the user interface. The latest version of Zope are using Zope Page Templates (ZPT), another way to generate web pages. The Zope 3 which will be released soon do not anymore support DTML. So, this really must be done. In the end of September we will have a new developer in the team who will focus only to this task.

Please, send us emails and notes to the Fle3 mailing lists. We love to hear about you.


        - Teemu

Teemu Leinonen
+358 50 351 6796
Media Lab
University of Art and Design Helsinki

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