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[FLOWER-general] vindication

From: Amelia Lugo
Subject: [FLOWER-general] vindication
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 09:28:42 +0900

No prisoner has ever been brought intothe citadel of Horz. Tell the Jeddak that Istrongly urge him to receive me with this prisoner. Itwas Gahan of Gathol that Tara of Helium wed. Twenty feet isnothing, but this time I miscalculated.
Of these three, you could have seen only Tor-dur-bar beforeyou saw me. I shall reserve judgment until the morrow. He paused for amoment, as though in thought.
There were other races on Barsoom, butthey were few in numbers and negligible in importance. Perhaps you would like to hear the story of Llana of Gathol. However, I was not at allsurprised to see him. I sought to influence LanSohn Wen, who commands this utan, to permit you to escape, but in vain.
That is so, said Ho Ran Kim, thoughtfully.
Perhaps that is something that should be given thought, hesaid.
His harness, his weapons, everything about him differed from any that Ihad seen on Mars.
Themass is writhing and screaming in the corridor beyond the door.
Kamehamehacame, the great conqueror, towering above them all. These magnificent edifices were built not for years butfor eternities.
But now I saw that therewas nothing red-Martian about him.
There before me stood indeed awarrior strangely garbed, but it was not King Kamehameha. Horz had enjoyed a thousand years of peace. It is already decided, my friend, said the Jeddak. See that they have good foodand every possible comfort, for they are my honored guests.
Lying as I had left it was the body of Vor Daj.
Under themoonlight ones eyes sometimes play strange tricks on one. The citadel was an enormous walled city within the ancient city ofHorz. We were quickly hoisted aboard again where we were fairly smotheredwith congratulations.
Nothing of Cosmic importance, he said, smiling; but important to me,nevertheless. I was close behind him,having outstripped both him and the strange warrior.
It fills the foemans eyes with amazement and his mindwith doubt and his heart with fear. It was the palace of theJeddak, Ho Ran Kim. I was several yards from thewall when I took a short run and leaped into the air. What had that to do with Janai or with me? Her white teeth flashed in a sudden smile.

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