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[FLOWER-general] outdone trawler

From: Silvester Blankenship
Subject: [FLOWER-general] outdone trawler
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 21:49:24 -0300

I suppose wemustnt dangle the knighthood? Ifthere is anything shorter than the publics memory, I am not awareof it.
And she was sorry; she hadnt meant to begin like that! Turning, shepassed through the wicket, walking quickly, knowing that he waswalking more quickly. We propose to shelter ourselves behind you inthe breach.
His mind roved hurriedly overthe fields of public life.
I thought you were always on theside of common-sense.
The Marquess shook the head that was resting on his hand. Soames hope, indeed, thatenforced domesticity might cure her, was not being borne out. Well, you can take it from me that its nearly all heredity. I daresay, said Soames, and no more at the moment.
Hes on a railway board; hes the figurehead of his countyscricket, and chairman of a big hospital. Now, what doyou think would be a fair price?
The butler came back, and, opening a door, said:In here, sir.
I cant see his wife being happy over here.
Its more like the East than anything else inLondon.
Fleur wanted to know whether she hadheard anything fresh about shingling. Hardly that, murmured Sir Lawrence; merely unusual, like mostmembers of really old families. Were trying to form acommittee to issue an appeal for a national fund to convert theslums.
But I should havewhats-his-name see to it. Not his fault that he symbolised for her just now the glum andmeasured paces of domestic virtue. My father-in-law was saying onlythe other day that he wanted a Morland. I dont think theres anything very wrong with their character,said Michael.
We propose to shelter ourselves behind you inthe breach.

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