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[FLOWER-general] reformer commentary

From: Wallace Archer
Subject: [FLOWER-general] reformer commentary
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:37:37 +0700

Ras Lal, taking down a long cord that hung on a nail in the woodenpartition, hesitated. These have been used frequently for the same purpose, murmured Mr.
Do you know that he and Telferssecretary were very good friends?
Whenmen come to his great age they grow silly about women. The police patrol passes the end of the roadat ten, one oclock and four.
And he was worried about the girl: she had not spoken a word since theircapture.
This was the thought which distracted him in his lonely cell at WormwoodScrubbs.
She must have the strength of a navvy to carry it. It came from a room on the leftimmediately over the hall.
Whilst Ram was getting together sufficient English to explain what hadhappened, Tommy passed on. Did that fool boss of yours bring the car along here?
Ive nursed him, and taught him,and there was a million-all in gold-in the ship. Themagistrate has granted bail, and shell be bound over to-morrow. Reeder saw actuality in all such presentations.
He was not in court when the marble stealer was sternly admonished bythe magistrate and discharged.
Reeder had given his lip a rest and was now gently massaging hisnose.
Telfer, said the officerwithout preliminary, and they were given by him to his housekeeper,Mrs. Reeder did not smile at the quaint English. Welford stoodby the side of a big square funnel, the narrow end of which ran into thefloor. Margaret had followed her escort into the road by this time. Telfer diedshe had made the woman sole guardian of her youthful charge. Reeder saw actuality in all such presentations.
He was a general practitioner of crime, with a leaning towardsspecialisation in jewel thefts.
In odd moments, through the thrilling first act, she stole aglance at her companion.
And in the six months of his durance he planned desperateand earnest acts of reprisal.
The colour had come back to her cheeks, and that was a goodsign.

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