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[FLOWER-general] perfunctory

From: Charley Holcomb
Subject: [FLOWER-general] perfunctory
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 19:09:36 -0000

Hetalked cattle to the other ranchers, and watched the young folk dance.
Thats where Sycamore Canyon has all these ranges beat.
But I knew youd win, she cried,and embraced him shyly.
The dance sustained a longer intermission than usual. But she returned indoors without speaking. If Mil dishes RichHarvey it wont change the fact thet she ought to marry him. But with left hand he held Campbells wristmomentarily.
Theturkeys will stick to them until theyve gobbled every darned one. That spring and summer the grass in the canyon had been thicker andricher than usual. Campbell bounded up and with lowered head plunged at George like a bull. Beyond the dust-cloud, up the canyon, moved a yellow,glassy mass in the air. She could tell that Logan had had good hunting.
Well, I wont see it till I have to, averred Logan, gruffly, as he gotup.
He was left-handed, but extraordinarily unerring witha lasso.
Huett, Im tellin you, went on Campbell, sombrely. Wed set the forest afire, burnall the timber and grass in the country.
Then Campbell leaped, whirling the blade so swiftly that onlyits glitter could be seen.
Georges dereliction had been forgiven,if not forgotten.
They came towhere a point of the forest-land projected out into the open. Lucinda divined somethinguntoward was brewing here. Dad, cattle wereselling at thirty dollars on the hoof last spring.
Logan let them out at the logschoolhouse in the woods just on the edge of the little hamlet.

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