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[FLOWER-general] Christmas Eve housebound

From: Sadie Holmes
Subject: [FLOWER-general] Christmas Eve housebound
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 16:06:44 +0200

The boy who was being baited made anexcellent bull. Godoy and the Russian ambassador exchanged a wink.
We have already our own agent atVera Cruz, you may recall.
If the Bronze Boy were a prisoner, Anthony at leastcould still walk out of this garden free.
The bells ofpassing ships reach land faintly here. I HAVE gambled, confessed the count smiling, but always forhigh stakes. So they were going to kill thee, little bullkin, said one.
Since his arrival in Madrid he had scarcely thought of Dolores.
You havebeen most discreet since you have been here. The old man was waiting for himexcited about something. With a brief inclination heleft them alone.
He was alone now, absolutely alone again.
If the Bronze Boy were a prisoner, Anthony at leastcould still walk out of this garden free. The last toasts weredrunk standing amid a wild enthusiasm of drawn swords.
He did not care to know how it had gotten here.
They were standing by the coach underthe arches. Apollo himself would be a mere glow-worm here, acknowledged deCalincourt, impressed at last. And nearly everyone from ambassadors tocountry grandees had something to obtain.
He pickedit up very quietly and holding his hand across the strings walkedout with it.
They laughed and exchanged their seating cards.
The brassy Royal March of Jarnowick boomed out. She travelled great distances there, rode hundreds ofleagues on horseback. He even spoke to her of Angela and the child he had left behind.
I shall speak to him tomorrow, said Anthony, It is mostnecessary he should know.
With great misgivings Anthony pointed her out.
At least he felt sure Sancho must havebeen there then. But thegentleman who is to sit with Doña Dolores is standing over there.
His back had been turnedthat way as he came in.
His Majesty, who always argued with his chief musician Olivieri, atlast had done. He simplywent down and got into the carriage.
Her husband is a rich old Mexican hidalgowhose jealousy is as deep and dark as his mines.
It was the only thing Father Xavier had ever whipped him for.
Your promise brings a great calm to me, he said.
Anthony had always been a puzzle tothe banker. Jerónimo where the tarts were full of invention,genius, and apricot jam.

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